Below is a listing of local and national hotlines who deliver competent services and understand the unique health concerns of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

Substance abuse: (316) 660-7550: Sedgwick county addiction and treatment services are available from 8am to 8pm Monday to Thursday and 8a, to 5pm on Fridays. They provide assistance in reducing the use of dugs and alcohol to increase the quality of life for those of the age of 18.

Mental health- LGTB+: The Wichita Health coalition has a sperate page with listed mental health resources that are specific to the LGBT+ community we serve in Wichita, Kansas.

COMCARE: (316) 295-4721: Provides mental health can substance abuse services and programs are accessible to anyone regardless of “race, color, national origin, sex, age, religious or political affiliations, disability, or status as a disabled or Vietnam-era veteran.” (COMCARE, 2021)

Testing & contraceptives: has a directory of STI testing locations that are free or low cost in Wichita, Kansas. They list address, phone numbers, and emails (when available) to make contacting the testing centers easy. This website does not guaranty LGBT+ positive resources.

Support & crisis: PFLAG lists support hotlines for LGBT+ individuals. Some numbers to keep in mind that are listed here are:

Trans Lifeline (877) 565-8860, a trans-led organization that connects trans people to the community, support, and resources to thrive

National AIDS Hotline (800) 342-AIDS that provide information on prevention, testing, and are able to answer general AIDS questions

Pride Institute (800) 547-7433 for LGBT+ individuals who have chemical dependences and provide referral and information. This hotline in 24/7.

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