How to be an Ally

Being an ally is not just looking politically correct, its not talking over LGBT+ individuals about how they are all so inclusive of a person. It’s about learning and understanding the struggles that many LGBT+ individuals face when looking to get healthcare, jobs, or a place to live. It helps to do some research on the history of Pride and the injustices that the LGBT+ community has faced over the years, linked here is the coalitions short history of pride. Understanding that those in the LGBT+ community are accustom to being ostracized and cut off from friends and family. Coming out can cause lots of stress and leave mental or emotional scars. Companies take pride month to plaster the rainbow flag onto every product, this is not being an ally. Pride month is showing how far we have come and how far there is left to go. Being an ally is understanding just how broad the community is and that Pride is having visibility to every part of the LGBT+ community not just the one flag that has become a staple for many companies that ‘support’ the LGBT+ community.

In summary, an ally is actively learning, supporting, and understanding the struggles that face many of the LGBT+ community. Learn the individual struggles of the individual you want to support and be understanding when they ask to stay in the closet. On the resource page of the coalition, we have a short list of LGBT+ terms and the differences in sex, gender, and pronouns. These topics may be a good place to start learning about the LGBT+ community and how to be an ally.   

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